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About Key Risk Underwriters

With over sixty years of experience, Key Risk Underwriters has a rich history of solving complex challenges that our industry and agents who work in it face every day. We were formed from a diverse group of organizations and individuals focused on one thing, to serve our clients with the best possible options in the market.

Key Risk was established by merging our deep industry knowledge and contacts together to address the many challenges agencies face in the Health Care, Property & Casualty and specialty markets. With decades of experience, carrier relationships, industry and association partnerships and the ability to assist in placing the sometimes difficult to place cases, we found we could be a solution for many.

With the onset of the Affordable Care Act (PPACA) we quickly realized the increased need to establish a Brokers’ Broker network to address the rapidly changing health care landscape and the challenges and complexities it brought to many smaller agencies and some large ones as well.

Today, Key Risk Underwriters serves not only as a place for agents and agencies to gain a competitive advantage in the new markets, but also helps in placing complex cases with all lines of business. Key Risk Underwriters operates as the “backroom” for agents and agencies that may not have the time, resources or expertise required to compete in today’s evolving insurance marketplace.

Key Risk Underwriters is an innovative, technology driven, and market motivated organization that is focused on what matters most…helping you grow your business by doing what you do best…serve people with a human touch.

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